Banish those GRAYS: Coloring Curls!

Curlies!!! I can’t hide it anymore…

I have gray hairs!

Yes…the Dirty Thirty is creeping up on me, and it’s starting to show! Now don’t get me wrong- I loveeeee a good silver mane- gray hair can be elegant, refined, and dignified- especially when evenly distributed through the hair, or all over.

But that’s NOT Zola the Fro’la- my grays look like I have random dog hair in my head- lol – and that’s not hot.

Store bought box dye is loaded with HARSH chemicals that are terrible for Naturalistas. And you know I’m don’t play with my fro. Fortunately there’s a safe, damage and chemical free solution for curlies like us! HENNA!!!

I have always been a HUGE fan of Henna’s gentle yet permanent color depositing and rich deep red/brown/black tones. Just love it. And as an added bonus- Henna strengthens and softens your natural hair by binding to weak spots in your hair strand and thickening it up! It’s a win all around!


This isn’t my first time using Henna- and I’ve gone on and on about it’s awesomeness before- I talk about the brand of Henna I use, and give a full review, here, and I have ‘how to’ and ‘results’ pics here.

But this time, I’ve got a vid for you, so you can see EXACTLY how much I love Henna (I’m always wayyyy too hype about hair!)- and see the results in real life (thanks to The Hubbin’s camera work!):
Definitely a fan! If you’ve tried it, curlista, let me know what you thought below! 😉

Have the best week!


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  1. Juanita says

    Hi Nicole,
    I’m lovin the results of your Henna colored locs…..but I do have a request…..Would you please post a full description of the “total” process you are using with the Henna including your prep (if any) before the coloring……and especially what you did ie; such as any type of conditioning after the color including any and all styling products/treatments…..In Other Words: A Blow By Blow….Thanks

    • says

      Hello JP! Here are the details of how I mix and apply the Henna- //

      After I finish my Henna Treatment, I use a deep conditioner on my hair- this time I used Shea Moisture Raw Shea Deep Treatment Masque (Target, $11.99). Then I rinse, moisturize as normal, and style! That’s it! 😉

      Hope that helps, Miss Juanita! Thanks for checking in! 😉

  2. says

    Hi Nicole,
    I had a quick question because I too am suffering from grays, especially in the front of my hair :(. A friend of mine who is a beautician stated that Henna is good for your hair, but that if I ever decide to die it another color, there is a process of decolorizing my hair that would have to be done first for the dye to take to my hair. She stated it has something to do with the Henna itself that won’t allow other dyes to process. Have you heard anything like this before?

    • says

      I HAVE! And she’s absolutely right! While Henna is all natural and permanent, if you ever decide to use a box dye- after Henna- it causes an icky chemical reaction that can turn your hair all SORTS of funky colors (like green!) and the process to strip Henna from the hair is very stressful and damaging to your strands.

      Personally- I don’t ever recommend use of ‘box dye’ or chemical dyes on natural hair. Our hair is just very fragile and the chemicals are so drying! Henna is all natural, PERMANENT, doesn’t bleed, covers grays, AND actually makes your hair stronger! You can’t beat that! Hope that helps!

  3. erika taylor says

    I LOVE your hair. With the henna. Do you have to go through a strong he’s when you go from a box dye TO henna? Also the after .. did you use your Crisco method? Do you do big or small twist? Flat twist our individuals twists. Thanks do much

    • erika taylor says

      I meant to say did you have to go through a stripping process when you go from box dye TO henna dye

      • says

        Thanks SOOO much! I can’t say enough great things about Henna- I LOVE IT! 😉

        1. I did not have to strip my hair of any color before coloring with Henna, because I don’t use ‘box dyes’ on my hair. Box dyes have all sorts of crazy chemicals that can be drying and damaging to natural hair- I skip them! But you’re right- if you do a Henna treatment- it’s 100% permanent, and you cannot use a box dye over it- if you do, the chemical reaction causes wacky colors (like green!) no good!

        2. For my hair in this pic- I just did plain old two strand twists with my awesome Crisco Creme. Super Easy!

        Thanks for saying hello, and have a great day!

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