Spring Dresses, Weekday Veg, and…Exercise?!

Left Pic: Nov 2013, Right Pic: March 2014

Wow- I definitely gained a few pounds over winter (I like to call it my hibernation fat! Lol)- BUT- I am still over 55 lbs lighter than when I began living a Weekday Vegetarian lifestyle in March 2013! So every pound lost, really counts!

AND that also means that Spring Dress Shopping this season is still FUN with my new body!

I picked up these two navy striped dresses at Old Navy- the first one is on sale this week- marked down from $30 to $15! You know I love a good deal!

Back to strict Weekday Vegging, and this Spring/Summer, I’m incorporating gradual exercise to get my heart health where it needs to be! I’m proud that I’ve made so much progress compared to this time last year-

Now I’m finally integrating exercise into my Weekday Vegetarian lifestyle! After losing 65lbs in 10 months, and shedding a lot of this ‘chunk suit’ that the REAL me was wearing- I feel ready to get moving! I have researched a LOT and it seems like ‘Slow and Steady’ is the best way to start an exercise plan!

Starting with 30-45 minute morning walks, 3 times a week- and watching this vid ($10 with resistance band on amazon.com) on rainy days!

Here I go curlies- wish me luck! 😉

-N. ;

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