NapNic Quick Pic: Fuller Face, and Thicker Waist!

A few of you may have noticed that I’m looking a littler fuller in the face and ‘softer’ in the middle.

Well I haven’t abandoned my love of veggies! It’s a Weekday Veg LIFEstyle! However, I have NOT been good on my weekends during the winter- lots of sweets and meats- I’ve put on about 8-10lbs (depending on what time of the day it is!)- and it shows!

My face is fuller, body smushier, and while my clothing still fits- it does not look as great. I still don’t have my big gut back- but Here’s a before (Dec 2013) and now pic.


See! I’ll address my “how to get my rump into gear for Spring plans”- on my blog this coming Monday! 😉

It’s important on this journey for me to always let you know the ups AND downs- and share how I bounce back- cause we are all subject to ‘gettin lazy’- and knowing how to bring it back, is everything! 😉

Thanks for checking in (you all keep the cake outta my mouth, and the spinach in it! Lol)

Hope your journey is going as well as mine – celebrate ALL your victories! (I’m still 55+ lbs lighter than this time last year, when I started!- March 2013- Hooray!)



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