Protective Style: Long Curly Weave (Indique Hair)

I have a new protective style- courtesy of Indique Hair and I LOVE IT!
Indique Curly- PURE Collection
Sew In with Closure- no leave out
18″ & 20″
Virgin Indian Hair, Unprocessed, Natural Curl, Natural Color


It’s super easy to maintain- just cowash weekly, shampoo (sulfate free!) every two weeks, spritz with water daily, and twist and cap before bed:

There’s a full review on the NapturalNicole YouTube Channel!

NapturalNicole on YouTube!

And The Hubbin loves it too!
But…not as much as he loves Zola the Fro’la! See for yourself:

Hahaha! It’s almost the weekend- have a good one curlies!


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