NapNic Quick Pic: Crisco & Thanksgiving!

Crisco…It’s not just for dinner anymore…






Another great Twistout- courtesy of my awesome DIY Crisco Creme!

Check out the details of Crisco on Natural Hair & the recipe right here!: EVERYTHING you need to know about CRISCO & Natural Hair + Recipe!

I had some questions about my DIY Crisco Creme and my Curl Pattern- My hair type is a solid 4a! The curl you see is nothing but a two strand twist and Crisco magic!! See this pic. But Crisco is like Miss Celie’s Pants- it fits EVERYBODY!!! Lol!!!


Happy Thanksgiving, Curlies!


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4 responses to “NapNic Quick Pic: Crisco & Thanksgiving!

  1. Alas, the Crisco creme didn’t work for my 4C hair…but with some extra Vitamin E added it makes an excellent skin cream. How wonderful it is when you can use all natural products for so many things!

  2. I made this over the weekend with a few additons: castor oil instead of olive oil, and 1tsp of mango butter. It works like a dream. I added tangerine essential oil and use it on my body and hair. My hair stays moisturized for days and I have super-defined twist outs. I love how it makes my skin feel!

  3. Looks great! I copied your recipe and its been awesome! So awesome I mentioned it on my blog but giving you all the credit! I hope you don’t mind but I referred my readers to your blog for the exact recipe!

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