Curlies who Care: Childfund International

Now curlies- you know I don’t usually do the whole political/message/judgey/mission thing…BUT I had to share with you- I was in DC for meetings today (weave lookin right, on my DC power fro game- lol!)

And I’m sure most of you have seen (or muted, or changed the channel on) those SUPER depressing commercials with starving kids you can “sponsor for only 90 cents a day.” I’ve always ignored the ads, but today I chatted with a representative (shoutout- JAMEELA!) in person, outside the DC metro, and decided to sponsor a child.

It comes up to $28/month, subtracted from a debit/credit card automatically. Now for some of you, I KNOW that is more than you can spare- that’s okay, take care of your family. But for those of you like me (no kids yet, spending $$$ on product junkism and shoes)- consider it.

Plus, this isn’t some shady charity network- 82% of the money you give goes DIRECTLY to the child/family- obviously the rest is for the administrative costs of getting the food, doctors, and school supplies to the child- but that’s like LITERALLY going to the store and putting food right into their home- without lifting a finger.

I read about one kid who got sponsored and finally got a nutritious meal- and literally grew an inch taller in 4 months because of it. That’s crazy, y’all.

So yeah- I plan on sponsoring for at least a year (there’s no time minimum requirement- but I can’t imagine cutting food off for a kid after a month)- and hopefully until my little boy is 21 yrs old.

I don’t usually do the whole ‘message’ thing- but thought some of you (Naturalistas have hearts!)- might be interested. Thanks in advance for not being all “This blog is about my fro- cut it out Nicole!”- and I assure you that Zola the Fro’la approves of this blog post! ;)

Visit for more details!


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