Weekday Veg: Healthy Update- Fall 2013!

Its been 9 months living the weekday veg lifestyle, and I’ve lost over 60lbs! Consistently 2-3 pounds a week- since March 2013!

Recently, I’ve indulged in too many carbs, and been too lazy to cook- and definitely gained 3-5lbs (so if you’ve strayed from healthy- it’s ok- i do too!). Strangely, even though it was only a few pounds, my clothing fit weirdly, I didn’t feel comfortable, and I swear my face just didn’t look right!

I know a lot of it was in my head- but either way, I noticed the change- and so did the Hubbin (who lost 40+ lbs of his own!)

What was different from the past, is that I didn’t ignore the gain, instead I immediately made the right changes to my ‘creeping in’ old habits- portion control and veggies veggies veggies! One week later- the lbs are gone, and the scale is going back in the right direction…DOWN!

Oh, and I’m SUPER self conscious about my ‘still flabtastic’ belly- BUT I always promised to keep it 100% real with my blog readers and all of you…so:

I got a question about sagging skin- and no, I don’t have any. HOWEVER- I do have stretch marks (and no kid to show for it- just lots of past burgers). I have NOT put out a single pic of my bare skin, or my ‘sports bra and shorts’ before picture (from March 1, 2013- it’s unbelievable how big I was)…but, I’ll share this pic here…stretch marks and all…little steps, right?! And hopefully, some of you (especially the young) will be motivated to get healthy- BEFORE you permanently damage your body (inside AND out!).

For more on the weekday veg lifestyle, visit my unofficial foodie blog:


Thank you all for your support and motivation- I couldn’t do it without you!


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4 responses to “Weekday Veg: Healthy Update- Fall 2013!

  1. Good job knocking those few pounds back off. I’m having a little problem i’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong but I’ve been doing the weekday vegetarian for about 2 months now and i’m not seeing any change. The scale was either staying the same or going up a few pounds. I know I did wrong by starting this around all these food holidays back to back, but I should see something by now right? Any advice would be helpful.

    • Check your portions and cooking ingredients- fat can sneak in anywhere! Are you cooking with butter? Are you eating more than one serving? A serving of rice or pasta is about 1/3rd of a cup- are you filling up a bowl? Those changes can mean everything!

      You’re doing the right thing- little tweaks should mean quick results- keep it up and keep me posted! :)

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