NapNic Quick Pic: Skincare Regimen

My 29th birthday was last week (Wed, Nov 6th) and I can SEE the wrinkles!!!

(Left: 2008, Right: 2013)

Since this is my last year of my twenties- and I’ve already started making my body the best it will ever be by age 30- I decided it’s about time I start taking care of my ‘Face Situation’- hahahahaha!
Gotta keep it bright, tight, and right!

So, in addition to my very super ultra BASIC- St.Ives exfoliating scrub and Clearasil wash routine (that I’ve used since I was 12 yrs old!)- I’m adding the highly reviewed Neutrogena ‘Visibly Even’ sunscreen based moisturizer, Burt’s Bees Radiance Eye Cream, and using an ice pack in the morning to help with under eye puffiness.


It’s all in the regimen- Zola the Fro’la taught me that! ;)

Let’s see if I can turn back the hands of time! HaHahaha!

Have a great day, curlies!


What’s your ‘fountain of youth’ Skincare secret, Naturalistas?

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