NapNic Quick Pic: It’s all about Perspective…

Since The Hubbin didn’t grow up with black hair, I thought I’d show him some basic hairstyles, and hair care in case we have a little girl someday…

So last night, post cowash, I demonstrate and explain a bit…

he was all about it- but when I showed him this classic look (y’all know this one!)- his response:

“We’re gonna make our little girl look like SNOOP DOGG?!”

Lmao!!!! I can’t!!!! Haha!!! He’s the best.

(have a great week, lovelies!)


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7 responses to “NapNic Quick Pic: It’s all about Perspective…

  1. HaHahaha! Right?!! Thanks. And Honestly, I didn’t even add the plastic ‘bubble’ hair ties with the plastic flower clips at the end! HaHahaha! But he’s a good sport- he wants to be a great dad someday- so he’s practicing now! I just feel bad for Zola the Fro’la! ;)

    • I WISH I could teach how- I’ve actually watched videos on YouTube to see how people teach it- and I don’t even get it! Lol! It’s just something ‘I do’…lol! If I ever figure it out, I’ll certainly post a vid ASAP!!!

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