Protective Styles: Wiggin Out, First Lady Style!

I recent shared a pic of my absolute FAVORITE lacefront wig EVER- I call her Michelle (like Obama! LMAO!! Hahaha!) but her ‘official’ name is:

Junee Manhattan Style #201
You can buy her here.

She looks like this in the pics:


Which is totally misleading cause she looks like this when you wear her:



When you get her, and before you wear her- you MUST prep your lacefront using my tutorial here that will make it blend and look SOOOO natural! See:

And here are some more pics of her- out of the package (with my lacefront already fancied!):





Hope this helps answer all the wiggy questions from Instagram (@napturalnicole)!

Have a great week lovelies!


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2 responses to “Protective Styles: Wiggin Out, First Lady Style!

    • Thanks! I think it’s fab too! I never ‘loved’ wigs- and always went for shorter more natural looks or half wigs, where I can blend and control my hairline. That said- this wig- is the BEST! Every great Naturalista should keep at least one wig (also know as ‘hair hat’ lol) in her closet! ;) thanks for stopping by, have a great week!

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