Miracle Product DIY: NapNic’s Crisco Creme

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted- so much going on for NapturalNicole.com! I’m setting up the next mini meetup tour stop (MIAMI!)- and working on some really fun features for a few big natural hair websites (more to come on that- excited!)- but I’m back and wanted to talk to you about your grocery lists- and a MUST HAVE item, you need to add immediately;  Crisco All Natural Vegetable Shortening (solid).

Crisco isn’t a new product to most of us. It has a million known uses both in and out of the kitchen:

Commonly used for cooking and baking:


Or for emergency candles:


Or as a sealant for Natural Hair:


WAIT?  HUH? Wiggity WHAAAAA?!!!!!

That’s right, curlistas. Crisco can (and has been) enthusiastically applied as an alternative sealant (the last step in a moisture retaining regimen-L.O.C. Method- after a leave in conditioner) for curly natural hair! I recently dipped into the oily can, and I’ll let the results speak for themselves:


These curls were created by doing a two strand twist with the Crisco Creme.



You know I had to do a ‘Fro-toshoot’ with my curls, right? I was HYPE!

oh and in other news, I also changed my middle name to ‘Curl Definition’- cause that’s the life I’m living right now (lmao!)

Most of you know that I swear by my Homemade whipped Shea Fluff as the sealant in my moisture regimen. Ever since the Shea DIY recipe became a part of my regimen, I’ve had hair that retains moisture for 2-4 days, stays flexible for maximum length retention, and has more definition compared to my old Shea creamy sealant. I used my fluff as the last step in my moisture regimen (LOC Method) after Water, and my leave in conditioner (Kinky Curly Knot Today mixed with Giovanni Direct Leave In)- IN THAT ORDER! (too much ‘love and hip hop: ATL’- ha!). Well, I have a confession to make (some of you already heard this on my Instagram)-

Photo May 27, 1 01 47 PM (HDR)

“My name is Nicole, and I use Crisco Vegetable Shortening in my Curly Natural Hair, and I’m never using anything else but Crisco.”

Seriously, I thought that my homemade whipped shea fluff was the business- I had NO idea what it meant to have shiny, soft, properly sealed, moisturization for MULTIPLE days- I’ve gone 5 days without a cowash or spritz of water- not on purpose, just busy- and my hair was still flexible, soft, and detangled. It’s just amazing. Zola the Fro’la has never ever ever looked better.

I know this may not be news to some of you, but when I heard about Crisco for Natural Hair, I was like ‘Yeah, that’s ghetto- not happening.’ I was wrong. I will say it here, loud, and proud- I WAS WRONG. Using Crisco isn’t any different than applying Coconut Oil, or Olive Oil to your hair. Crisco is made of all natural vegetable oils- Soybean and Palm. Some previous versions of Crisco use Safflower and Cottonseed Oils- all vegetable derived, and all water soluble (can be washed out with just a cowash!).


See how my hair is still a bit frizzy on top with the Shea Fluff mix? Crisco eliminates ALL my frizz (perfectly sealed curls!)

The oils have been Hydrogenated- this is the ‘unfamiliar’ part- this process doesn’t happen with the Olive/Coconut Oils we are so used to buying. What’s hydrogenated mean? It’s the process of making the ‘liquid’ oil into a ‘solid’ cream texture. Using technical terms, Hydrogenation is the process of pumping hydrogen into liquid oil at high temperature and pressure to turn the oil from a liquid to a solid. Hydrogen isn’t anything weird  for our bodies either- actually it’s what the ‘H’ in H2O (WATER!) stands for!

Now that we have the science out of the way- and you’re able to explain to your friends and family why you aren’t just putting ‘fried chicken grease’ into your hair- let me get to the good stuff.

The crisco isn’t applied straight into the hair- a hair butter is often made, with other ‘good for fro’ oils and products. The mixture  I pulled together is SUPER simple, extra effective, and ultra cheap:

Zero Frizzie, Easy Peasy, DIY Crisco Creme



  • 1- 20 oz pkg sticks of Crisco (you use 1 stick per mixture- there are 3 sticks per package)
  • 3 tbsp- Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1/4 cup- 100%, no color added, Aloe Vera Gel
  • 1 tsp- Your favorite essential oil fragrance (unlike Shea Butter, Crisco has NO scent- so you can make it as fragrant as you like!)
  • 1 tbsp – Softened Shea Butter (optional- use it if your hair seemed to like the Shea Fluff, or Shea based products)
  • Mixing bowl and spoon
  • Airtight Storage Container (I use a tupperware container- do not put back into the crisco can!)

Pictured here are the above ingredients- I first made this mix in my hotel room in San Francisco while in town for the NapturalNicole Tour- I ran out of my Shea Fluff- and went to the 7-11 (only thing open) and prayed that $2 Crisco would work. I mixed in whatever I had in my travel kit!


1. Mix Shea Butter (slightly softened in the microwave) in with the entire stick of crisco (do NOT melt your crisco in advance).


2. When thoroughly mixed (and slightly smoother consistency)- add your oils and gel and stir again.


3. The finished consistency of the product, should be a thick cream- I put it on the back of my hand to demonstrate- it should not run off the hand. (*Tip: I recently made a small batch version of this cream with double the olive oil- the result was AWESOME- it was much more liquid- the consistency of old school pink oil lotion by Luster- I poured the cream into a bottle with a squeeze top, and use it to quick seal my hair after a water spritz, if I have to put off a cowash- fast, mess free, and easy!)


4. Apply to clean, freshly washed/cowashed hair and twist (or wash and go- whatever works for you). This product is a sealant- it should be the LAST product on your hair, prior to styling. Please note: Unlike what your grandma may have told you- this is not a ‘pressing oil’- do NOT use crisco creme with flat irons, curling irons, blow dryers, or any other form of heat appliance!


THIRD DAY RESULTS: 3 day old, slept on while loosely retwisted (6 large twists) hair- looks even better!:



And because I never make product recommendations without using the product for a while to confirm my results- here’s a pic of my Crisco Creme results a MONTH after using for the first time (is it possible that my curls are even BETTER than before?):

2013-05-19 04.59.02

I know it may all sound like another crazy natural hair product fad (bull semen, monistat, cayenne pepper for scalps!)- but I love Crisco in my hair- and as long as I keep getting these results…it’s got a permanent place in my regimen!

(And for those of you aren’t into the ‘Kitchen Mixtress’ lifestyle- Head over to ‘The Coiffed Cafe’ Pantry Store- and pick up a jar of Miss Calvis’s Famous ‘Sugafoot Hair Shortnin!’ It’s got all the bang of Crisco, and none of the dirty dishes to clean up! Check it out: http://www.thecoiffedcafe.com/The_Coiffed_CAfe/Online_Pantry.html )


What’s the weirdest grocery product you’ve tried in your natural hair? Any product surprise you with great results?


  1. Ronda says

    Woow. I must I was some what skeptical about this, but after reading this I want to try this. My hair is thick about 4b/c texture and trying to find what my hair likes. Tired of all the products under the sink. This is cheap on pockets and LOVE the results. Also want to try on my daughter:)

    Thanks: )

  2. Y says

    How much is one stick? I have a huge tup of crisco that I use to season my cast iron skillet? I’m trying to decide how much to measure out instead of buying a pack of sticks.

  3. naadii salaam says

    whipped this up last night after reading about this via curlynikki’s blog. so far, i likey! super emollient and mulit-purpose. i easily made one batch last night and split it; half for my hair, half for my 7 yr. old son’s ashy parts, hahaha! i did an apHogee 2-step protein treatment yesterday and used this in my l.o.c. process before i set it in flat twists. i’ll get the final verdict tomorrow, but so far so great :-)

    • says

      So so sooooo awesome! How great are crisco’s multipurpose properties? I’ve been known to rub the excess product from my hair to my elbows to my knees…it’s just fantastic! Glad you’re pleased so far- definitely let me know how you like it on your hair. I’m sending positive twistout wishes your way!!! :)

  4. Mrs. NiNi says

    I think this is the holy grail of anti-frizz, kitchen beautician products! I’ve used this concoction on my daughters’ hair and I am beyond happy with the results!

    • says

      Woooo Hooooo! Yay! I am SO happy you love it! Crisco is the best, isn’t it?! It works incredibly well, and produces consistent and long lasting results! That’s all I ask from a product! 😉 thanks for dropping by with the update! Have a great week!

    • says

      Yeahhhhhh!!! Whoop whoop!! **shuffle step, and break it down!***

      Yes, it’s that serious- I will dance for a well moisturized fro! Hahaha! Way to go- and I’m so glad you loved the results! Thanks for keeping me posted, come back soon!

  5. Mrs. Munroe says

    I am so glad someone shared this on Facebook. I have been struggling to find something for my curls, that works. I’m so excited to try this!!!! Thanks for sharing! :-)

  6. Sokonie says

    Thanks Nicole. I LOVE crisco on my skin (especially in the winter time). But I never thought to use it in my hair. The recipe looks great. Will definately be using it for me and my daughter. PS: Cool blog. Glad to see a Milt fam doing well. Will have to catch you on one of your tours. :-)

  7. K says

    Hi Nicole!
    Just curious if you think this is a year-round product? I’m assuming so? And have you used it without shea butter and gotten the same results? I’m so glad I found your blog! It’s great! You remind me a lot of my cousin. The two of you favor one another! :)

  8. Dee says

    Tried this this weekend. Was skeptical but after reading the reviews decided to give it a try. Amazing!!!! Never had much success with twist outs but I have worn my hair this way for two days now and no frizz. All the comments from my family about how my hair was going to catch afire in the sun went through the window when they saw my hair and felt how soft it was. I live in Barbados where we have two temperatures.. hot and hotter so I was a bit concerned about this working. Thank you so much for this recipe. Love it. Also trying your vegetarian during weekdays method. So far so good.

  9. Rechelle says

    Nicole, how does this do for transition hair? I haven’t done the big chop and I have a LOT of growth!! My natural hair is wavy curly but the two strand twist does nothing for my hair. I usually three strand braid and then take out. But my hair is dry so I’m usually sprizting with water and either Shea butter or coconut oil or olive oil!!! Help! Lol

    • says

      It’s AWESOME! Just go a little lighter, but it will definitely seal in the moisture that will help keep your ‘still relaxed’ ends from breaking off from your new curls, until you’re ready to get your chop on! Good luck and thanks for stopping by! 😉

      • lakeisha Johnson says

        Im going to family dollar right now and buy ne some Crisco to mix up with my olive oil and see how it works for me!!!? Because iv tried everything on my hair its thick and stays dry:( too dry!!!! Even after I do a twist out or wash and go it dries right up….I really hope this works for me…..il let you know soon!!!!!!

      • says

        Let me know for sure LaKeisha! You’re gonna love it (I get my Crisco at family dollar too! Lol) and make sure to do it on DAMP and clean hair! Don’t apply it to dry hair! Keep me posted and good luck!

  10. Gennyphir Rivero says

    Your hair looks FABULOUS!! I tried the twist out style for a while but my hair started to drop, so I gave my hair a break with some braids. Your blog just encouraged me to give it a try again but this time with Crisco :).
    Crisco=the new Cantu !

  11. Belindia says

    Thanks for sharing! I’m excited to try this on my daughter. Do you think it’d work for a braid out? Her hair is heat damaged on the ends and twists are a struggle until she gets brave enough to cut those ends off. I love your pics cause your hair is more like hers whereas lots of natural bloggers have that curly straighter hair. Anyhoo thanks!!!!

    • says

      Thank you soooo much for visiting! I absolutely LOVE my Crisco Creme and if will definitely help with curl definition and moisture retention- howevahhhh…heat damage IS permanent and you can’t rest or curl pattern to damaged hair. A defined Twistout (use rollers at the end of each twist) will help mask the damage until you can…snip, snip! :) good luck!!!

  12. Angie Shaw says

    I want to try this on my hair. Not sure what hair type I have but it’s curly/wavy in the front but very kinky in the back. I’ve been transitioning for over a year and just got rid of the rest of my permed ends. I’ve tried twist outs before but they were disasters! Do you think this will help me or should i just let it go and find another style? It’s just hard because my hair is so nappy in the back only :-(

    • says

      This should definitely help! Try this Creme- but replace Olive oil in the recipe with Castor Oil- and make sure you’re using a good leave in conditioner underneath! That should make a big difference! Good luck and keep me posted!

  13. Belicia says

    I bought some Crisco recently for a failed attempt at making sopapillas from scratch. Since I had the jar I googled Crisco and Natural hair to look for a recipe and found your blog. I must be a bit older or definitely more “country” than the rest of you because my mom, my mom’s mom, etc. used Crisco on our hair growing up (and that Blue Majic) ….Ahh memories Thanks for the recipe. I can’t wait to try it tonight for myself and on my daughters.

  14. cindy says

    Hello fellow Criso lovers!!!!! I happened upon the savior of my naural hair about 9 months ago, CRISCO!!!! I have like 4c hair, and it really has saved my hair. I use it everyday on my hair, it has truly been a God send to me. No frizz ever!!!!!!

  15. Tomeka Hill says

    I happened upon your blog the other day and finally mixed up the Crisco Creme last night. OMG!!!! I am so happy with the results and my hair is so soft!! Thanks for the information and the pictures. You are officially another one of my “hair crushes”. LOL!!

    • says

      This made me smile SO hard! Yes! Another Crisco Convert! I am SO HAPPY you’re pleased with the results! Thanks for keeping me posted, and come hang out on Instagram too! @napturalnicole- see you there!

  16. K says

    Does your mixture ever go bad? My original one never did but then I added coconut oil into the second batch and decided to try putting it into a small mason jar. I didn’t use it quickly and when I opened it there seemed to be a tiny spot of mold! And there was a slightly foul smell! I thought mason jars were airtight. Maybe they aren’t? I stored my first batch in an old Carol’s Daughter container with a screw on lid. I still have that batch (without coconut oil) and it smells & looks perfectly fine. Any ideas what may have happened?

    • says

      That’s SO weird! Crisco has natural preservatives that keep it from spoiling- that’s part of what makes it such an AWESOME hair product- and why it can sit on grocery store shelves, non refrigerated.

      I think it’s possible that something funky may have snuck it’s way into your stash, and that’s what caused the growth. Good catch though- wouldn’t want that ick in your lovely curls!

      In the future, I recommend making sure you’re using fresh clean mixing gear, and washing (and drying) out your storing container with each new batch- and if that doesn’t work, a few drops of tea tree oil (a natural anti microbial) should definitely do it! Hope that helps- and thanks for stopping by! 😉

      • K says

        It was very weird! I used brand new mason jar. I purchased a pack of them from walmart. So it was clean and dry. And my very first batch ever was fine for forever! Who knows what went wrong? I just know I won’t store it in a mason jar again.

      • says

        Good idea! I use a little red screw top rubbermaid container- but the mason jar idea is super cute- especially if you want to give it as a gift! 😉

  17. Erika Ledford says

    Im diggin the crisco mix as well! Makes my hair so light, fluffy and soft! Thanks so much for the informative blog!

  18. Tomeka Hill says

    Do you know the song, “I’ll Tell It”? Well I’ve been telling about Crisco Creme everywhere I go! I have gotten soooo many compliments about my hair since I started using the Creme. I have told many of my natural sisters to google Crisco for natural hair and they would find what has been a tremendous help to me. Thanks again for sharing!!!

    • says

      Hahahahahahahaaha!!! YESSSSS! Another Crisco Convert! Lol! Thank you not just for keeping me posted on your curly progress- but for spreading the good Crisco word! Haha! I love it! 😉

  19. Tasha says

    Thank you thank you thank you. I finally made up a batch of the Cisco cream. And it is everything. My hair is so soft. I know what what hydrated hair is. This stuff is like magic in a rubbermaid bowl. Thank you for sharing

  20. Tanya B says

    I have an almost full jar of Crisco at home. How much would be the equivalent to 1 stick? Thanks in advance.

    • says

      Hiya Tanya! When I buy the jars/cans- I count that as 3 sticks. So multiply your ingredients by 3. Of course, if you find that the texture is still too thick- add a little more olive oil! Hope you LOVE IT! 😉

  21. Latonia Meadows says

    Hi Nicole. I love your hair. I’m hoping you can help me with mine. My current regime is leave in conditioner, eco styler gel and vegetable glycerin. I have a small curly afro. Will this mixture work to define my curls without leaving it crunchy and if so do I use it after the eco styler gel?

    Thanks for your help. :-)

    • says

      You are so sweet! Thank you! I swear all the compliments are the reason that Zola the Fro’la is so stinkin big in the first place! Hahaha!

      Welcome to team natural, curlie!!! And I hope you are enjoying your TWA- I miss mine now that I’m a longer haired natural- so enjoy it while you can. If you’re looking for a great regimen to maintain moisture- check out the My Regimen tab at the top of the page- it also lists my staple products.

      And if you’re looking for awesome moisture retention, defined curls, and softness- try this:

      1. After cowashing, on damp hair, apply your leave in.

      2. Then immediately on top of that, apply some of my AMAZING DIY Crisco Creme (recipe is on the blog)- a little goes a long way!

      3. Then apply just a little Aloe Vera Gel for some holding power.

      And that’s it! Hope that works gorgeous, keep me posted and thanks for coming by!

    • says

      Glycerin is a great add if it works for your hair! Good idea! Zola the Fro’la isn’t a big fan of glycerin- but thanks for sharing for other curlies looking for a humectant solution! Thanks got coming by! 😉

  22. DB says

    This was an interesting post. Do you think it has to be a particular brand of vegetable shortening to be effective? I’m definitely a mixtress and I love grocery shopping for my hair. Whatever is practical and cheap… :-)

    • says

      Awesome! I highly recommend good ol fashioned Crisco! However Spectrum Brand Organic Vegetable Shortening is all natural, reasonably priced and readily available alternative! Happy mixing! 😉

  23. Donnia says

    Oh my goodness!! I am so happy that I came across your YouTube videos and page. I am a “newly natural” with 4C hair and have been STRUGGLING with moisture (#thestruggleisREAL). For the first time today, I tried steaming my hair with a conditioner after a co-wash and am happy with the initial results. I am so excited about trying the Crisco Creme. I’m thinking I’ll substitute castor for olive oil. I already have a bottle of aloe vera juice in the refrigerator; could this be used in place of the gel or would you not recommend this change? Thanks again…you are AMAZING :)

    • says

      You are SOOOOOO sweet- thank you! And of course, WELCOME TO TEAM NATURAL! We are happy to have you! 😉

      I am so glad steaming works for you- one of my favorite 4c curly bloggers (and a NapNic reader!)- Darker Than Brown- is my go to recommendation for anything 4c, she has tried it all. Steaming works great for her, and I think Crisco Creme will work great for you too. The key is sealing in the moisture- and YES, I’d recommend using castor oil instead of olive- and you must use Aloe Vera Gel- not juice. Hope that helps, thanks so much for all the love, and please keep me posted- newbie Curlie! 😉

      • Donnia says

        Hello Nicole… I wanted to give a followup post since using Crisco Creme. All I can say is OMG!!!!!! I am sooo pleased with my hair since initially using it almost two weeks ago. My hair definitely has increased softness, moisture and truly defined curls. As of this week, it appears that my hair’s texture is even less kinky (I am type 4c, or so I thought :) I hope my hair’s journey and this progress continues. I’m quite pleased :) Thank you again for sharing the recipe. YOU ARE AWESOME!!! :)

      • says

        You are SOOOOOOO awesome for coming by and giving me an update!!! YAY! I am so very glad Crisco Creme is in your life! Lol- it’s the best sealant EVER! Lol- yay for your curls! 😉

      • Latonia Meadows says

        Hi Nicole,
        I have 4b/4c hair. I tried your Crisco mix but it didn’t want to play right with my hair…lol. My hair is 3-4 inches long (before shrinkage of course) so I do wash and go’s. If I use the Crisco mix alone I don’t seem to get the curl definition I want but if I use it with eco styler gel it leaves a white residue. Am I doing something wrong? HELP!!!! :-(

      • says

        Oh no Latonia- yes, your application is alllll wrong! LMAO! Crisco Creme is a sealant, and doesn’t need to be used with a gel also (the Aloe Vera Gel) provides enough hold. Here’s the order you apply it to your hair- exactly like this:

        1. Make sure your hair is damp (right after a cowash), or spritz it with water.

        2. Apply a leave in conditioner- I like Kinky Curly Knot Today

        3. Apply Crisco Creme on top of the other two.

        One right on top of the other- in exactly this order. If you want to twist sure, or you can let your curls air dry.

        Don’t use Crisco Creme alone- it’s a sealant- which means it has to ‘seal in’ the moisture- if you don’t give it moisture to lock in (water and leave in), then it won’t work! 😉

        Give that a shot- and let me know how it works, Curlie! 😉

  24. Loria says

    I used this for the first time last night and my hair has never looked or feel the way it does today. This is by far the best twist out I have ever done. And my hair is soft and moisturized. My question is, if I’m doing a wash and go how would I use it? Would I still need to use a gel to hold my curls? Thank you for sharing your recipe.

    • says

      YAYYYYY!!!! Another Crisco convert! Hahaha! So happy and glad you love it! For a wash and Go, I suggest making a lighter separate batch of Crisco Creme (add more of your favorite oil- I prefer Almond or Olive for this)- until the mixture is a little ‘runnier’- more like a lotion, less like a cream. Use this to seal the moisture in your hair (focusing on the ends), then apply some of your favorite gel over it (not too heavy!). That should work beautifully! So happy you love it- and thanks for coming back to share! 😉

  25. Loria says

    I was telling someone else about the mix and they asked if it was a difference between the baking sticks and the regular crisco in the jar. I’m guessing they couldn’t find the regular sticks. It isn’t flavored.

  26. StandingTallWhileMyHairStrinkz says

    This is the best and the only thing that has ever worked only hair. Thee ank you! For some reason i knew this would work for me when i read the article. Finally…

      • Veronica J says

        I’m soooo going to try this!!! I’ve been looking for three years for something to help my twist outs last…and to think that I’ve had it in my cabinet the whole time!!! Thanks Nicole!!

      • napturalnicole says

        You are SO welcome! I absolutely hope you LOVE it! Come back and let me know! Happy twisting! 😉

  27. Sadie says

    I use it straight out of the can and I get the same great results.

    As Crisco now has soybean oil and palm oil, how can I get the soy-free version? I’m trying to cut soy from my diet/products. Thx.


  1. […] I think the most popular one has to be from Calvis Williamson, the creator of the Sugar Foot Hair Short’nin that has the wonder ingredient Crisco. She is lovingly called “the Crisco kid” and Facebook natural hair groups have been talking about her DIY styling mix for a while. She made a video creating it prior to selling her Sugar Foot Hair Short’nin and her ingredients include Crisco, gel, conditioner, glycerin, and extra virgin olive oil. She is far from alone, as more naturals are loving and mixing Crisco into some amazing concoctions. Naptural Nicole created one to that is worth mentioning as well as trying. DIY Crisco Mix By Naptural Nicole […]

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