My Frotastic Week: 3 strand twists & Mini Length Check!

What a BUSY week!

I ditched the weave protective style last week and I’ve been froing it since then (though I’m in the process of putting in a new sew in weave- pics and details on that later).

I had a few hairstyles I wore this week, and a mini length check- lots of pics, so here we go!:


Right after I took out my weave, I rocked a 2 strand Twistout to the BOND Inc. Natural Hair Event here in Baltimore (review and giveaway coming soon!).

The next day, I retwisted my hair while dry, for a fully stretched 2 strand twist, that I wore in a bun for the next two days.


You KNOW I was hype about my post protective style length retention- my hair is long enough to bun! Yayyyy!!! I even snapped a few quick length check pics


Holy cow. I just can’t believe what a difference healthy care, time, and patience makes- so pleased!

After I bunned for two days, it was time for a Cowash. For those of that follow me on instagram (NapturalNicole), you probably saw my Cowash pic. Whenever I am wearing my natural hair exposed (not in a weave, braids) I Cowash every 3-5 days, and shampoo every 2-3 weeks. This helps keep my hair moisturized (nothing tops water!) and my scalp clean for optimum growth. This week I tried ‘As I Am’ coconut Cowash for the first time.


Not sure if I love it, will do a few more washes, then review for you all.

After my Cowash, I styled my hair using the ‘3 strand twist’ method- details here.


I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE RESULTS!! Perfect curl definition, no tangles, super soft, so shiny, and slightly stretched curls for a voluminous, but lengthened look.


Here’s an up close of the curls- so flippin’ shiny!


And a few pics of the look from the front.


I had the BIGGEST grin- just loved the results! I was headed to the huge Baltimore Natural Hair Expo this weekend, so I wanted to make sure my fro was on point too! It was an excellent event- and I will have a detailed review, and giveaway (sponsored by MIZANI Naturals), early next week.
What a busy week for Zola the Frola! She’s ready to go back into a weave, and take a break! I’m finishing up a new sew in (pics on instagram). And will post a YouTube review on Thursday of the hair (I love it) from sunny California!

Coming soon to

-As I Am Cowash Review
-BOND inc & BNHE event review
-MIZANI giveaway!
-YouTube vids from CA and ATL!


Did you attend the Baltimore Natural Hair Expo this weekend, Curlies? What events are next on your agenda?


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      Thanks Megan! I will absolutely post a 3 strand twist video tutorial on my YouTube Channel (NapturalNicole). I can’t film it for about 3 wks, since I have a new weave protective style in- but the timing should work out, because it’ll be warmer by then- and Zola the Frola will be ready to come out anyways! Thanks for visiting the blog, and check back for the vid soon!

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