Fingercomber Wig- 1 month Follow Up & Coupon Code!

Winter is finally on its way out, and thanks to wigs, I think Zola the Frola survived the cold, dry weather!

I am BIG on wigs as a protective style. Huge. They saved my length.

My favorite wig this winter- and my most natural looking- was the….



This wig is dope.

In my review here I go on and on about all the great features of the fingercomber wig unit- plus I did a YouTube review, so you ladies can see up close, how awesomely natural this wig is.


Now, 2 months later, after wearing her pretty frequently- I can honestly say, she is still going strong! Great condition, hair isn’t matted, and I can twist and untwist with ease. I wash, air dry, and lightly oil her weekly to maintain softness and sheen.


I know there are curlistas out there that were on the fence about the fingercomber- due to the price tag ($78)- well, you know I look out for my Curlfriends!

Use the coupon code: NapturalNicole

When checking out your order on to get a FREE upgrade to priority shipping (save more than $5!)

This code never expires!

Grab a fingercomber to keep in your emergency ‘I don’t have TIME’ box, or get one now for winter!

Look fabulous ladies!


Are you thinking about purchasing a fingercomber wig?


      • Simone says

        I loved it on you! Me? Not so much. The only way I will wear a wig is if it looks like it grew out of my head. I can’t make this one look like that. The color is too dark and I’m not willing to invest in another one being unsure that it will work. I bought the Urban Bob also. Can’t do that either. Thinking about dying my hair to match but haven’t done anything other than think about it.

        A great suggestion for the FC company is to offer a color swatch wheel for a small fee. I would have ordered that first just to be able to choose the appropriate color for my hair.

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