Fingercomber Wig- 1 month Follow Up & Coupon Code!

Winter is finally on its way out, and thanks to wigs, I think Zola the Frola survived the cold, dry weather!

I am BIG on wigs as a protective style. Huge. They saved my length.

My favorite wig this winter- and my most natural looking- was the….



This wig is dope.

In my review here I go on and on about all the great features of the fingercomber wig unit- plus I did a YouTube review, so you ladies can see up close, how awesomely natural this wig is.


Now, 2 months later, after wearing her pretty frequently- I can honestly say, she is still going strong! Great condition, hair isn’t matted, and I can twist and untwist with ease. I wash, air dry, and lightly oil her weekly to maintain softness and sheen.


I know there are curlistas out there that were on the fence about the fingercomber- due to the price tag ($78)- well, you know I look out for my Curlfriends!

Use the coupon code: NapturalNicole

When checking out your order on to get a FREE upgrade to priority shipping (save more than $5!)

This code never expires!

Grab a fingercomber to keep in your emergency ‘I don’t have TIME’ box, or get one now for winter!

Look fabulous ladies!


Are you thinking about purchasing a fingercomber wig?


      • Simone says

        I loved it on you! Me? Not so much. The only way I will wear a wig is if it looks like it grew out of my head. I can’t make this one look like that. The color is too dark and I’m not willing to invest in another one being unsure that it will work. I bought the Urban Bob also. Can’t do that either. Thinking about dying my hair to match but haven’t done anything other than think about it.

        A great suggestion for the FC company is to offer a color swatch wheel for a small fee. I would have ordered that first just to be able to choose the appropriate color for my hair.

  1. Nicole says

    I’m here to verify that your coupon code did in fact work for me. THANK YOU. What is all this business about winter and having this unit for emergencies? This is my new hair until further notice. Hmph!

  2. says

    Hi Nicole!

    I love love love your blog. As a fellow natural hair blogger I always enjoy reading your reviews and learning more about blogging overall (Your Periscopes are the . I googled Finger Comber coupon and bam…you popped up! I know you completed this review a while ago but I’m about purchase a Finger Comber unit for my sister; however, the code isn’t working for me. I see the commenter above stated hers worked in May of this year. Do you know if they stopped offering the code? Thanks!

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