FingerComber Unit Wig- Follow Up- “It’s like, BOOM…Hair- Right?!”

I. LOVE. THIS. WIG. y’all.

Seriously- I was on the fence when I first got it, but after a retwist and style- it couldn’t look more like my own natural hair!

Did an updated review on youtube on the fingercomber wig, after a wash and restyle- this is the REAL DEAL ladies- high quality, durable, and so so stylish! It looks even BETTER than it did the day it arrived. I love it. Here’s the Video Review:

And here are some close up pics of the FingerComber awesomeness. It’s just great!




I shared my video review with the awesome people at at this is what they had to say:

“You guys don’t want to miss, and her very helpful and informative Vlog. We love her presentation, and she made us laugh with her candid, an humorously charming presentation. As we watched her video, we felt like we were skype-ing a long-lost bestie! Make sure you check out her blog as well, as she’s going to be hosting, what sounds like an awesome giveaway. Thanks Nicole!!”

Can this company get ANY COOLER?!


FingerComber gave me a discount/coupon code to share with all of my curlfriends!!

Just type in: NapturalNicole

when you get to checkout on and you will get a FREE upgrade to Priority Shipping. Get your wig super fast! HOW FLIPPIN AWESOME!

I don’t have much more detail to give about the wig- but will definitely come back and share if I run into any problems. Right now, this wig is going to be my ‘go to’ Winter Protective Style. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

(and while you’re here- don’t forget to enter the giveaway!- Enter NapturalNicole Giveaway)


Napturalistas, do you have a favorite wig that you wear to protect your natural strands?

17 responses to “FingerComber Unit Wig- Follow Up- “It’s like, BOOM…Hair- Right?!”

    • Thanks, Latrice! I lightly recommend the wig, and it’s a great way to transform a mini fro- into an awesomely big fro! You’ll look great! Come back and share a pic of you in your fingercomber wig when you get it! Thanks for visiting!

  1. Can you PLEASE tell me what you did to style this unit I have mine but have not been able to achieve this.

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  3. the code didnt work for me :( it only took off 1 cent i was dissapointed but ordered the urban bob and 2 packs of havana twist hair anyway

    • Lois- I’m so glad you settled on the urban bob- its cute! The coupon code is good for a free priority shipping upgrade- this way, your wig gets to you SUPER FAST! Hope you love it!

      • okay thank you so much i hope so too im supper excited i recently got my 3.5 in twa tapered and im getting kinda bored i cant wait for a new protective style since the short back and sides make it hard to do most of the protective styles. thank you for the review it really helped me make a decision :)

  4. Your youtube videos encouraged me to purchase a unit. I ordered my unit 7/31. My birthday is 8/18, I would to have by then. What is the normal shipping? Anyway, when I receive it. I will definitely hit up for styling tips: Thanks!!!

    • Awesome!!! You’re gonna LOVE it! Normal shipping and processing is about two weeks- if you used the NapturalNicole priority shipping upgrade code: NAPTURALNICOLE- you should definitely get it faster (not 100% sure by 8/18-fingers crossed!).

      Check out the finger comber page on Facebook- they have user submitted wig styles and links to even more YouTube reviews!

      Hope you love it! Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Got mine. Love it on you but PLEASE put a stocking cap on to protect your hair. Would hate for your hair to get catch in the wig net n come out.

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