Wiggin’ Out: Wigs as a Protective Hairstyle

I can’t keep a protective hairstyle in to save my life. I get to about the 2 week mark, and then it’s gotta go! I just put in jumbo braids about two weeks ago- and I took them out this past friday. Before I went natural I used to go weeks without washing my hair (whether in a weave or relaxed)- and now that I’m on a cowash/shampoo routine (see ‘My Current Regimen’ tab above)- I just can’t go without giving my hair and scalp a good scrub. I had additional incentive with good friends coming into Baltimore to visit- and I just wanted something out and wild for the weekend.
Enter the world of WIGS. Wigs are an AWESOME, easy and inexpensive protective style. I happen to be pretty handy with styling my fro, so it’s easy for me to switch the look up regularly- but I really appreciate the merits of having a quick way to have an entirely different look!

I recently purchased the famous (naturals love it!) FingerComber Unit from Fingercomber.com ($78) and I’ve been waiting (2 weeks!) for its arrival- I’ll be reviewing it thoroughly when it arrives. Each one is made to order, so it can take a while to ship- but I knew I’d have to go to the Beauty Supply Store (BSS) to have something to wear this weekend.




I headed to the BSS to scout out a similar wig for a fraction of the price. For the weekend, I decided to purchase the Junee Manhattan Style- Princess Aura Wig ($25).


It’s a curly fro, about a 3c texture and looser curls than my natural curl pattern. It wasn’t ideal, or super natural hair looking, but I knew I could make it work. I got the wig home, cut and shaped it to my face (much like I cut and shape my crochet braids- check out my YouTube channel for this How To video).

I braided my washed, deep conditioned, moisturized/sealed hair into straight back cornrows, leaving a bit of hair out in the front to ‘two strand twist’ with the curls in the front- this allows me to blend my hair for a more natural hairline.


Braid Pattern- Straight back cornrows, Leave Out Hair in Front


I really liked the result, and was super pleased with the overall look. The wig only seemed to get better looking as it got ‘frizzier’ and more worn- it looked more my natural curls. BIG fan.


I’m still looking forward to the arrival of my fingercomber unit- but I think I’ll keep this less expensive piece in my ‘last minute’ style arsenal.

Hope you all had a great weekend, Curlies!


Naturalistas, have you tried wigs as a protective hairstyle? Any tips?




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      Thank you! I have no idea how that happens! I always braid my hair while watching some tv show. Lol. I think all the years of styling my sister’s hair in weaves may have helped. Plus I HATE paying for styles- lol, so I guess I have a ton of incentive. Thanks for checking out the blog!

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    Looks really nice on you! I am the same I can’t keep a protective style for too long I have to wash my scalp with my dermatitis. Can’t wait to hear more on the fingercomber unit!

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    Gurl that hair looks super cute on you! I love how natural it looks! I did the big chop about 9 months ago and have yet to try a protective style, I think I may give a wig a shot, b/c I doubt I will be able to keep any braids or twist in my hair for long..

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      Thank you, Olana! Your chop looks AMAZING! love the color! Wigs are a great alternative to protect your hair during the winter- and this wig is currently number 2 after my fingercomber wig right now. I’m just switching between them. I was going to put another set of braids in my hair, but just like you- I know they’ll be out in two weeks! Not worth the time! So I’m wiggin’ it! Thanks for coming by to check out the blog, and keep me posted on your journey- I love my TWA girls!

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      I did! And thanks! Head over to my YouTube channel:


      I posted a review of the wig when I first got it- and another one from when I’d worn and washed it for a while! PLUS

      I also have a coupon code that you can use when purchasing your wig for a free upgrade to expedited shipping! Just type NAPTURALNICOLE in the promo code box and you’ll get your wig even faster!


  3. Deedee says

    Hi Nicole,
    love your blog, YouTube videos and instagram!
    I may be mistaken, but I thought I saw a post/video where you had a ‘straight hair’ wig (maybe on instagram). I would LOVE a recommendation on one that is about shoulder length. I have waist length natural hair, but want to try some shorter protective styles for the summer.

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