Natural DIY Recipe: “Bentonite Clay Shampoo Bars”

Natural Product DIY: “Bentonite Clay Shampoo Bars!

Discovered this on a great natural hair blog:

I can’t wait to try it! I’ll change up the recipe a bit, but I’m hoping this will be the solution to my least favorite part of Bentonite Clay (having to mix it- that means I can’t travel with it in my carry on when I’m on business!)

Ingredients- I changed the recipe a bit:

1/3 cup bentonite clay powder (Aztec Secret is a popular brand among naturals) cleanses, improves detangling and defines curls.

3 oz unrefined shea butter (melted) hydrating and high in vitamin E with emollient (smoothing) properties.

2 oz extra virgin olive oil penetrates the strands increasing strength and elasticity.

1 oz coconut oil penetrates the hair shaft to condition and strengthen.

1 oz castor oil coats and protects the strands.

soap mold; baking and tart molds will also work.

*instead of the oils and separate shea butter, I used a hearty scoop of my Whipped Shea mix!

How to:

Melt down shea, scoop in Bentonite Clay and mix! Freeze for 10 minutes, then let cool at room temperature (freezing allows for the awesome separation of the clay and the shea butter- giving you a deep cleansing side, and a super moisturizing side). Then store in a cool dry place!!!

Easy, quick, travel friendly, Bentonite Shampoo- no addition mix required!!


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