Miracle Product DIY: NapNic’s Crisco Creme

It’s been a few days since I’ve posted- so much going on for NapturalNicole.com! I’m setting up the next mini meetup tour stop (MIAMI!)- and working on some really fun features for a few big natural hair websites (more to come on that- excited!)- but I’m back and wanted to talk to you about your […]


EVERYTHING you need to know about CROCHET BRAIDS!

Crochet Braids Protective Styling TIME!! I’ve received a LOT of great feedback about my recent protective hairstyle- Crochet Braids- and thank you all SO much for the compliments! I’ve also received a lot of questions about the style, products used, and maintainence- so I’m going to post the response that provided in the Natural Hair […]

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NapturalNicole.com is on YouTube!

Hey Curlie! Looking for more NapNic? You can find my DIY tutorials, Weave/Wig/Product reviews, and silly videos with my The Hubbin on the NapturalNicole.com YouTube channel! I’ve had a ton of requests for more videos- makeup tutorials, easy wig DIY’s, and weekday vegetarian recipes- and I’m on it! Here’s a little intro to the channel, […]

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