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I am obsessed with Chia Pods from Whole Foods! They are a vegan yogurt alternative, that is all natural, PACKED with good for you vitamins and loaded with superfood yumminess! OB-SESSEDDD! But the price tho? $3.99/cup. Yeah, nah. I’m too proudly cheap. Rather than miss out on the omega-3, rich fiber, antioxidant and protein benefits- […]


The Best 2015 State of the Union Obama Memes!

CURLIESSSSSSS!!!! Did you catch last night’s Presidential State of the Union address? No? Well you missed our president, Barack Obama, slay and shade all up and down our TV screens. Β He wasn’t alone, as our lovely first lady, was serving elegance (per usual) in a fabulous, fresh from the runway, grey two piece suit: We […]


Real NapNic Curlies: “The Hubbin”

Featured NapNic Curlie! First Name: The Last Name: Hubbin Instagram: @thehubbin Hair Texture: 3a/b, spiral Pictured after his 2003 #bigchop- and a recent #lengthcheck. He isn’t a big ‘protective style’ Curlie, but does like hats that his wife says make him ‘look cool.’ Favorite Product: Ultra famous ‘Curl Control Styling Gel’ by @wondercurl, for light […]


Transformation Tuesday: NAPNIC goes Tanning!

Transformation Tuesday: NAPNIC GOES TANNING! It’s true! I’m known for visiting the tanning salon once or thrice a year- and since it’s winter- I had to hit the booth and get my ‘brown back.’ Sounds crazy, but getting the extra rays ACTUALLY results in a more even skin tone, a Vitamin D boost, increase endorphins, […]

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